I have been having this idea about a serialized novel for quite some time. I have a general canvas and its main colours, its feel, its title even, but I want to make it alive with you, my readers.
Here’s what I’ll do. I will be posting excerpts of my novel — one by one — and then see how it evolves with your inputs and feedback. Many say that a novel and its characters, once they start to grow, take a life of their own. I would like you to help me “giving birth” to this novel. I would be its mother-father-main caregiver and you would be its godmothers and -fathers, siblings, distant cousin or whatever role you may be willing to take on. I would like to turn this wooden puppet into a real boy along with you. If this game appeals to you, please, read on. If it doesn’t, please, read on anyway, for the sake of reading.